Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Program

The school's Christmas program is officially over!  After weeks of laboring over costumes (did I mention I don't know how to sew?) and countless hours of being trapped in a basement with six year olds, I can finally look back at time I have invested and begin to look at the fond and funny memories made.

1.  Kindergartners are just cute.  They may not remember the words.  They may not remember the actions.  But whatever they do, they are just so darn cute doing it.

2.  I have answered the question as to why my kids are having so much trouble tying their shoes this year.  Apparently, the PE teacher told them they couldn't go to first grade until they learn to tie their shoes.  My creative thinkers seem to think they have found a way to stay in the land of glitter and happiness.  (For the record, the PE teacher denies ever making this statement.)

3.  Dressing up for a performance means you have to stand in the corner and compare outfits.  Girls in one corner, boys in the other.  All dresses must be tested for their twirling ability.  All shirt tails will become untucked with ten minutes of arrival.

4.  No matter how much they have driven their teacher crazy singing the same songs over and over again at the top of their lungs, kindergartners will suddenly be come shy and quiet in front of a group of people.

5.  Every time they leave the risers, their little eyes shine with pride.  I'm just lucky to be the one taking them back to the basement where their excitement takes on the form of hugs.

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  1. Ah! Sounds like a wonderful time!!! How long until those songs leave your head? I would not learn to tie my shoes if it meant I could stay in your classroom!