Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Made with Love

From the day I was born, my grandmother made things for me.  She made dresses, afghans, Christmas stockings, sweaters, slippers and even doll clothes for me.  If the head of my favorite doll was coming away from it's body, Grandma fixed it.  If I decided less than a week before the school dance that I wanted to go, Grandma sew up a custom dress in my favorite color. If I needed six mini aprons made for my class, Grandma made it happen.  In my mind, there wasn't anything she couldn't do.

Eventually, Grandma's eyes made it harder and harder for her to make the things she loved for the people she loved.  I began to fear that each handmade item would be the last one I would receive from her.  That day finally came.  It was almost as hard on me as it was on her. 

Now, those items that brought joy to me can bring joy to others.  I recently pulled out the aprons she made for my class to use for cooking projects.  The kids were so excited to have aprons that were their size.  When I shared that my grandmother made them, one little girl said, "Your grandma did a good job!  These are very comfy and comfy is good!"

I am fortunate to have so many of her handmade items, particularly those that allow me to wrap myself in the warmth of her love on cold winter days. 


  1. These items are such gifts and the fact that you share them would make her SO happy too!

  2. I love your last sentence! I think of that every time I wrap myself in one of her afghans, see David wear one of her sweaters or wear one myself. We are so lucky to have her in our lives.