Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Albino Bunny

This is my friend, Albino Bunny.  He is a little camera shy, so it may be difficult to truly appreciate his coloring.  Trust me, he is not like the little brown bunnies in my neighborhood.

Last spring, I discovered I had moved into a bunny friendly environment.  The rabbits were everywhere all the time. I even had to step in and save baby bunnies from the neighbor's cat once in awhile. 

And then I met Albino Bunny.  At first, I couldn't believe my eyes.  Here was this one bunny with more white to his coloring than brown.  He was rarely with other bunnies.  He seemed to choose to show up alone.  He never bothered the garden areas.  I stuck to the patch of clover instead.  He became a fixture for me.

Well, my friend is back.  Most mornings, he is out feeding in the yard when I leave for work.  The sound of the garage door and the car pulling down the driveway doesn't seem to startle him.  He simply continues feeding.  He returns most evenings to say goodnight as he feasts on his bedtime snack. 

I just hope he continues to keep me company for many years to come.


  1. You may think I'm nuts. Or maybe that I'm crazy but that bunny is there for a reason. Someone or something sent that bunny in your direction. I'm really not wacky! Honest!

  2. Other people see the bunny too--right, honey? It's not just your own special bunny that only you can see?