Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On With the Show!

After working behind the scenes for two years, I finally put my fears aside and auditioned for a play.  Shock of all shocks, I was actually cast.  It's a small musical based on a children's book.  It's been a lot of work.  I'm completely exhausted between my summer jobs and rehearsals.  But it's also been an excuse to let my silly side see the light of day again.  I mean, how seriously can you take yourself when you are playing a dog pirate!

Last weekend, the curtain went up on our show after a month of rehearsals.  Oh my, it's an addictive feeling!  Being able not only to perform, but also to interact with kids in the audience who are experiencing their first live theatre.  Hearing the laughter and applause of people of all ages in apprecation of our work.  And most precious of all, having small children approach me asking for "Scurvy Dog's" autograph.

I have four more performances this weekend.  I will sing and dance and act and enjoy every moment of it.  And on Monday, I'll wish it all hadn't ended so soon.


  1. Yeah!! So glad you have found a place on the stage and that you love it! You are a woman of many talents....

  2. That is really awesome. Keep looking for more plays to get into. Al Pacino was interviewed by Larry King before he retired and he said he would act in play for free because he just loves to act. It's not about the money. That really said something to me about his passion. Glad you found your niche.