Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Gift of Words

I grew up with the written word.  So many summer days were spent in blanket forts consumed by library books.  I kept journals and diaries where I poured out all my hopes and wishes.  Words were everywhere, but the written words were the ones that caught my attention.

For me, the written word has so much power.  The scribbles on paper reveal what is often difficult for me to say out loud. The thoughts I'm not brave enough to share. 

The words written by others can have the same power.  I can't tell you how many times quotes from books appear and help me see things in a whole new light.

I thought I was one of the chosen one.  One of those few people who could see and truly appreciate the power words have in our lives.  It turns out some of the people I care about the most see it too.

My niece graduated from high school.  I gave her the purchased card, but then I wrote my own.  The one that I gave to her without reading.  She got what was from my heart.  No one should ever edit what comes from the heart.

Her little sister wrote an incredible letter to her big sister, but she is braver than most.  She turned that letter into a speech.  She stood before everyone.  Through her tears, my little 11 year old said everything she felt.  At the end, Big Sis hugged her for so long.  Little Sis handed the letter over.  The best graduation gift anyone could receive.

But Big Sis had a surprise of her own.  The graduate had written letters to the people in her life.  Oh that letter!  It's a moment of awe when you see yourself through someone else's eyes--especially someone who you love more than words can say.

So many words.  We share so many words each and every day.  Written, spoken--it doesn't matter.  They all have tremendous power.  I was reminded of how much joy and happiness they can bring to those around us.  And while the opposite can also be true, I choose to use their power for good. 

Yes, words are a gift.  May I always use my gift wisely.

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