Monday, October 18, 2010


We all know that cans of soda that freeze often explode, but did you know that the force of said explosion can also pry open the door on little pink dorm-sized refrigerators?  I didn't know this either, so imagine my surprise when I walked into my classroom this morning.  Silver cans with their bottoms blown out sitting in puddles of brown sticky liquid surrounded by apples and cheese.  It was a mess! 

Instead of being frustrated by yet another problem to overcome in the morning, I found myself standing there in awe wishing I could have been there when the big moment happened.  Must be all the time I spend with kids.


  1. I am sure this could be reenacted!!!

  2. So you must be a teacher, then. A science teacher, perhaps? If not, you are now!

  3. Such a positive outlook for a crummy messy moment. (Must be something in the cosmos ... because you won't believe it, but I had a small little diet coke can explode in my frig last week. We aren't sode drinkers in our house, so this had to have been left over from a summer party. But man oh man, what a mess!)