Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lessons from Old Friends

I'm not a big movie person.  The mere thought of standing in line just to hand over my hard earned money to the person standing behind the glass window just so I can sit in uncomfortable seats surrounded by strangers seems more than a bit absurd. 

That being said, tonight I encountered an old friend on tv tonight.  It was total "chick flick."  One that I would deny watching repeatedly.  One that I had almost forgotten about.  Yet, I found myself tuning in at just the right time.  That moment when our heroine finds the inner strength she didn't know she had.  That moment when she develops that all important backbone and says what she really means.  That moment when she emerages as her own person.

How is it that these moments find us when we need them the most?  How is it that these old friends sneak back into our lives at those moments when we need an extra boost?  If only I could get a screenwriter for my life...


  1. I've got those movies too! Isn't it incredible how they speak to us just when we need their messages?

  2. But you didn't say what the movie was!
    Was it The Wedding Singer? That is my favorite chick-flick movie!

  3. I'm a major Chick Flick fan ... and I love when I stumble upon them on TV (even though I have, through the years, purchased most of them on DVD.) Something about catching one unexpectedly that is so fantastic - I love that!