Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super Aunt Saturday

Things are more than a bit hectic in this neck of the woods, but I took a break on Saturday to play Super Aunt.  The nieces and the nephew had various activities going on and I was determined to get to as many as possible.

The day began at 10 am with the two little cuties pictured above on the soccer field.  Despite being different ages, they managed to be on the same team.  Lucky me!

At 11 am, it was off to another soccer field to see The Nephew in his game.  He had a double header, but I only stayed for the first game. (Bad Aunt!)

Niece #1 had to get to her softball tournament with her mother and The Nephew had baseball practice after his games with his father.  I opted to take Nieces #2 and #3 with me after the first game of the double header to make life a little less complicated for their parents.

The afternoon was spent doing the things Nieces #2 and #3 enjoy:  lunch out, shoe shopping, and ice cream.  Then it was off to the softball portion of our day.

Niece #1 played the first of three softball games at 3:00.  (Did I mention she had played soccer earlier that morning and had track practice the day before???) 

I had accomplished something that had never been done before.  I had managed to attend a game for all my nieces and my nephew in a single day!  Under our family rules, I would have fulfilled my aunt responsibilities for the entire season.  But this was not enough for Super Aunt.  Oh no!  I went back for the 6:00 and 7:30 softball games as well.

My day ended at 9:00.  I was tired, a little sunburned and WAY behind on my weekend chores.  But, I had managed to spend time with four of the people I love most in the world.  I got hugs and smiles from every one of them.  I got a little glimpse into their worlds.  Best of all, I got all to rare treat of holding my favorite six year old for almost an hour as she fell asleep on my lap. 

Next on the list, the t-ball, baseball, and track. 

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  1. You ARE a Super Aunt indeed!!! Time for a cape!