Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Year/This Year

Last year, I started a theatre class for our middle school students.  I had 30 minutes a week to pull off a one act play with 10 sixth grade students.  I was told not to attempt it. I was told it couldn't be done.  I did it anyway.  The kids worked hard.  They learned new things.  They had fun.  I would call it a success.

This year, I have 17 sixth and seventh graders for 60 minutes a week.  In addition to acting this year, they will be responsible for set design, props, lighting, sound, some costume work, and anything else that pops up along the way for our two one act plays this sememster. 

Last year, I pulled off what they said couldn't be done.  This year, I double my time but multiplied the goals by four. 

What can I say.  I love a challenge.

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