Monday, October 29, 2012

Memories That Last a Lifetime

Back in 2011, I wrote about the power of the Gyro-Bowl.  Yes, it's fun.  Yes, it holds delicious treats.  Yes, spilling your delicious treats is a challenge.  But more importantly than that, it had the power to bring a smile to a teenage girl's face on a particularly challenging day.

This weekend, I found this particular item on the clearance rack.  How could this be???  An item that holds such precious memories on the clearance rack???  Obviously this must be a mistake! 

After the initial shock wore off, I realized that perhaps I was over reacting.  Ok, so it's really just a piece of colorful plastic.  Not everyone knows the magical powers it has.  It couldn't be manufactured forever.  The fact that I was taking this moment particularly hard was probably a sign that I need to relax more.  Maybe I was being overly sensitive.  But it still felt wrong. 

And then I texted my niece--the same niece who was with me on the day we discovered this wonderful yellow and blue giggle-inducing item.   She was a little calmer than her aunt, but this was our conversation via text:

Niece:  I bet they won't make anymore!!!!!  AHHHHHH
Me:  Does your's need to be replaced?
Niece:  Or just added to :)

The next day, I sent her a picture of the precious item I had purchased for her and received the following response:

Niece:  YAY!!!!  Love you bunches!

So, you see.  One impulsive purchase over a year ago provided a shared memory for my niece and I that will last a lifetime.  Life is like that.  You never know when the "little moments" in life will be the ones that are remembered the most.  The meaning of these little plastic bowls will be different for each of us, but it is something special between the two of us.  No one will ever understand the power of that moment, but I will always remember that day.

And, yes, I bought one for myself, too.

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