Friday, January 11, 2013


It's been an extremely stressful week for this teacher.  Email has been down.  The color ink printer is not cooperating with my lesson plans.  The kids have picked up a horrid cough. A child has pushed the limits so far that I'm beginning to feel like a corrections officer most afternoons.  And if that wasn't enough, we have had inside recess three times this week.  It's no wonder I'm exhausted.

That being said, there are those moments each and every day that grab me from the edge of grumpiness and give me the energy to go on.  Yesterday's moment came from a squirrel outside our window.  This determined little creature kept climbing up the pole of the bird feeder, but the rain caused him to slide right down like a firefighter on a way to a fire.  Two little girls saw it first.  Their laughter drew more and more kids over until the entire class was sitting on the shelving under the window, laughing until their faces were red.  It was the best moment of the entire week.

So, Mr. Squirrel, I'm sorry we got so much enjoyment in your countless failed attempts yesterday, but thanks for the entertainment.  As a symbol of my appreciation, I left some extra sunflower seeds under the feeders for you.  Enjoy!

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