Thursday, November 18, 2010

Change of Season

For me, winter started yesterday.  It was gray and gloomy, the trees were basically bare, and I had to break out my winter coat for recess duty.  It was not a happy day weatherwise.

Growing up in the midwest, you would think I would be prepared for such changes in weather, but I'm not.  I don't enjoy cold weather.  Cold weather brings extra layers.  Cold weather brings children who can't zip their coats.  Cold weather brings runny noses pressed up against the classroom windows looking longingly at the empty playground equipment.  It can be a sad time of year.

So I went home yesterday (after being eaten by plastic dinosaurs--occupational hazard) determined to break the beginning of winter blahs.  I started my little wood stove and watched the flames dance.  Suddenly, all the fun aspects of winter came flooding back.  The "special" toys reserved for the endless days of inside recess.  Baking bread in the classroom and filling the entire school with the smell.  Trying to catch the first snowflakes of the season on our tongues.  So many opportunities for new things.

So, maybe I won't have to hibernate until spring returns.  And, who knows, maybe I'll get a snow day or two .


  1. That picture of the stove is so comforting and peaceful...I can almost smell it...

  2. Wish I was there to sit by the fire with you!!!