Monday, November 15, 2010

House Warming

One of the features I love about my house is the little wood stove.  It's tucked away in the corner of my dining room waiting patiently to fill my house with warmth this winter.  Sitting near it is a little stool.  My grandfather made it when he returned from World War II.  It was used in his house by my mother and her four sisters.  They would sit on it by their woodstove during their days on the farm.  It is now my favorite spot during the winter.

When I moved into my house, a friend of mine filled my woodshed as a house warming gift.  I couldn't think of a better or more appropriate house warming gift.  It went a long way to warm my house and make it feel more like a cozy home.

So, imagine my surprise when his truck showed up in my driveway filled with wood again this year!


  1. So then I picture your house as a cozy little cottage in a beautiful rural town, with the delicious aroma of burning wood smoke in the cold crisp air....I love i.t

  2. Good morning...
    What a treasure you have to be the owner of the wood stove filled not only with warm embers but thousands of family memories...
    Happy Wednesday,
    Madi and Mom