Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks Kids

For years, my only friends were my co-workers.  They are truly lovely people, but let's face it.  When your co-workers are you friends, you never really get away from work. 

But how do you make friends as an adult?  I looked at the kids in my classroom.  The answer became clear.  All you have to do is play.  You don't have to ask if you can play, too.  You just play and somehow the invisible walls crumble and suddenly you have a new friend.

I took a page from my kids' playbook and I went out to "play."  I revisited an old interest and started helping out backstage at the local community theatre.  I was scared and nervous, but I took a deep breath and did it anyway.  I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, but sometimes "playing" is the best way to learn.

That was a year ago.  Tonight, I was at a reunion party for a show I helped out with this fall.  As I sat there around the fire pit, I was glad I found enough courage to play.  So many people have entered my life during that time.  People I would never have met otherwise.  Some are friends, some are on their way to becoming friends.  But now I have a little refuge from the job I love allowing me to recharge my batteries. 

So, thanks kids, for reminding me to play.


  1. Thanks for this reminder that there are many ways to make friends--at any age! So glad you found a whole circle of friends you would have never found had it not been for that first step. (It works that way in blogging too!)

  2. Such a timely post for me right now. I've been questioning my work/social life balance and have been thinking of ways that I could expand my in-real-life social circle outside of work. The idea of joining clubs and groups made me feel like I'd be wearing myself down with more committments, but when you frame as "play" it takes on new meaning. Thanks for the reminder!
    I'm a bloggy friend of Bossy Betty and she told me about your new blog. Congratulations on starting it, I hope you get as much enjoyment out of blogging as so many of us do. I'm glad to be here! - G

  3. This was a truly beuatiful post that resonates with me plenty. I have moved around so much in my life and friends are indeed hard to make when we become adults, thus I have not many in my life right now. I think i will have to learn how to "play" again. Thank you for this wonderful insight.
    Many greetings from Denmark,

  4. Bossy Betty sent me by! I am so glad that she did. It is so hard to be friends with just co-workers because like you said you never really leave work. I am so glad you were able to play, even though you were nervous about it. We all feel that way but getting over that hurdle is a great feeling and the benefits are greater than ever expected!

  5. I think that the theater is one of the best places to "play", and have so many memories of doing just that in my time in theater! Good for you for stepping out of the comfort of those work friends, and finding some new ones! You are SO TRUE when you say that kids have no problem just playing - oh, wouldn't it be so fun if we could just go up to people and say, "Hi! Want to play??"

    Stopping over from my dear blog friend, Betty! (by the way - some of my most cherished friends today are my blog friends - so silly, but you'll see!!!) Best of luck on your blog-venture!! I LOVE this post, and look forward to reading more from you!!!

  6. Good morning and welcome to the blog playground.
    The sandbox is big enough for everyone. Madi and I jumped in feet first and blindfolded June 2009. We didn't have a clue what we'd talk about and here it is November 2010 and we have not quit talking yet. We found BB earlier this year what a delight she is!!! I see you are a teacher too.

    What a cute and thought provoking post.

    I look forward to talking to you. I signed up as a follower but for some reason our picture doesn't show up.
    Madi and Mom