Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Bonds

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend time with my mother and her sister who was visiting from California.

My mother has four sisters.  They all grew up and moved to various places all over the country.  All of them except my mother.  She remained close to her parents and the place she grew up.  Her decision to stay close to home gave my brother and I the opportunity to get to know our aunts and their families.  Each time one of the aunts would come to visit their parents, we would tag along and get little glimpses into their lives.

As I grew up, my perspective of these women changed.  Somewhere along the way, they went from being random visitors to being real people who I enjoyed spending time with.  Listening to their stories of being directionally challenged, hearing the familiar grunts they make as they move, seeing their competitive nature during games, and watching them interact with each other as if no time has passed is a unique experience.  Sure, their antics may be borderline embarrassing, but it is a gift to be around them.


  1. There is something about the bond that glues families together, when love is at the center.

  2. I wuv visiting my nieces and nephews too!!!