Monday, January 10, 2011


Remember that feeling you got when you woke up on those cold winter mornings only to find out that school had been cancelled.  The advantage of being a teacher means you get to relive that feeling from childhood as an adult.  While shoveling six inches of snow from my driveway was less than fun, sitting inside with my hot chocolate and watching the birds made up for it.

These little tracks were left right by my door.

Many birds perched in nearby trees waiting for their turn at the feeders.

 The cardinals really made a statement against the snow.


  1. Oh, thanks for these views! I love seeing the cardinals against the snow.

  2. I am especially fond of the little feet at the door. Nice pictures.

  3. I love cardinals this time of year....they add such a bright spot to a dreary day,
    Madi and Mom