Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How I Spent My Spring Break--Day 2

I know you have been waiting in eager anticipation to see what Day 2 had in store.  Today was the day I tackled Mount Laundry!

Living alone with an extra bedroom is a very dangerous thing.  I have found that the guest room doubles as a laundry holding tank.  The clothes seem to go straight from the dryer to the daybed where it remains behind a closed door until
 a.) I need to wear the item
 b.) company comes over
 c.) I just can't take it anymore!

Today was Option C.  I relocated the mountain from the guest room to the dining room table where it could no longer be denied. 

Now, bear in mind that these were only the items that had been neglected for previous days/weeks.  As I was folding, I was also doing three more loads.  Each time I would get everything folded, more clothes came to take their place.

It was a daunting task, but I kept at it.  At last, it was all folded.  Then came the next challenge--putting it all away.  The temptation to take the folded items back to the guest room was strong, but I held my ground.  I would find the proper place for each and every item.  No shortcuts today.  I even rearranged some closets and drawers as I went.

Finally, I was left with an empty dining room table and an empty guest room.  Ahhhh...another successful day. 


  1. Congratulations, intrepid one! What's next?

  2. Wow! Could you stop by sometime this week? I'm cleaning out closets and would love the help!