Saturday, March 5, 2011


Sometimes, it feels like people don't really hear what you are trying to say.  No matter how you phrase it, the thought in your head just doesn't seem to translate to what actually comes out of your mouth.  The person on the other side of the conversation interprets your words with a meaning that is completely foreign to you.  You keep trying, but you have now become so defensive in your quest for understanding that it seems impossible.  You feel defeated and frustrated.

But, maybe understanding isn't what you really need.  Maybe the point you are trying to make isn't really the goal.  Maybe it's enough to release those words into world, not in a quest for understanding and acceptance from others, but to find understanding and acceptance in yourself.

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  1. Oh this is good. I have found that I have traveled the world, listening. . . just to realize it was my own voice that I needed to hear to give me permission, set me free, feel validated, say "I love you", etc.

    This is really good. I love it!